Saturday, January 31, 2009

Only for Losers

Gotta love that title!!

At Helping Mommies Win, she is giving away a code for a free ($19.99 value) Disney mug to anyone who hasn't won anything in 2009. That was me, until this morning when I won a book! So, because I love you all so much, I'm passing this opportunity on to all you losers!! :)

Deadline is Feb 6th.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hurry - Ends 1/31

Simply a Family is giving away her favorite things for Valentines Day.

Deadline is Jan 31st.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

C.U.T.E. Lights

Mammalicious Finds truly does find the greatest stuff. I did not know that lights could be so C.U.T.E.

Deadline is Feb 7th

Giveaway at Mom of One

Mom of One did a review of some new products from a new online store. Plus, she is able to giveaway $25 of their products. Go here to enter and see what's being offered.

Deadline is Feb 8th.

Need A BIG Baby Gift Basket??

At Barefoot Mommies, the Bean Closet is giving away a HUGE gift basket (valued over $200) to one of Barefoot Mommies' readers.

Deadline is Feb 10th.

*starting 1/29, the Bean Closet is offering 25% off of any purchase!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Mom Getaway at Home

I've been wondering about all those snazzy buttons that everyone has. I want one too, but I'm too cheap to pay someone to make one for me. (yes, i'm getting to the giveaway) While trolling blogger world today, I discovered this giveaway at Intense Blessings (btw, what a cute name for your kiddies). And, in the post, she was wondering about the buttons. Someone was kind enough to leave her a comment as to how to make your own button. I'll be working on that, but gotta get the paint program going first.

So, here is the giveaway.

Deadline is Feb 2nd.

Brownies Anyone?

Mammalicious Finds has found some delicious looking brownies from Yummy Mummy!!!! I was the first to comment (or so i believe). So, I hope that I'll be the first one picked. Does it work like that? I hope so!

Deadline is Feb 5th.

Target, Wii, Video Cam

Got your attention with that?

Well, at Ooh La La Mama, you could win a $100 Target card, a Wii Fit, or a Flip Video Cam.

This is a giveaway for this week only. And, I believe that the Target Card may have already been won.

I used to stay away from giveaways that had lots of comments, but hey - even then, someone has to win. Now, I'll enter just about anything!!

Valentine Surprise Giveaway

I love surprises! The Valentine Giveaway at Native American Momma is a surprise with Raspberry Chocolate. Surprises and Chocolate - two good reasons to enter!!!

Deadline is Feb 5th.

**Also, I noticed in her profile that she does some graphic designing. If you need something, she might be able to help you out! **

Twilight Lovers - Get a Scarf

I've become a fan of the whole Twilight issue (if it's an issue) but, I am not obsessed with it or with Edward. That's okay if you are. Blogging takes all my obsessive energy!

You can get a scarf inspired by the movie Twilight here.

Deadline is Feb 1st at midnight.

Valentine Giveaway

You can win this cute Valentine Package from Knitsational.

Winner will be drawn on Feb 2, so comment before then :)

Victoria's Secret

$50 VS gift card at A Family Completed. This is part of the Bloggy Carnival of Giveaways.

Deadline - winners will be notified by Feb 3rd, so enter before then!