Thursday, February 5, 2009

Monogrammed Bag

Two of a Kind is offering a monogrammed bag from Savannah Jack's. You will get your choice of pink, lime, or aqua. I'm choosing aqua (just fyi).

I'm posting this, but I really don't want any of you to enter. I need to give this bag to my SIL, because I kept a bag I won in November for myself and she is so jealous. I need this win, people, for the brownie points!

Deadline is Feb 22nd (which is also my bday).

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Purse and A Joke

First the joke:

What flower gives kisses?

A two-lip (tulip)

That's from my class of first graders.

And, now the giveaway - a lip purse in honor of Valentine's Day. Ginny's Quilts has the most adorable lip purse that she made and is giving away for Valentine's Day.

Deadline is Feb 8th

Joan of All Trades

Each Friday, Joan of All Trades has a freebie. From looking at her last few freebies, you need to be first (or first few) to comment.

Deadline: Each Friday - try to be first!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cupcake Extravaganza!!

At Mammalicious Finds, there are TONS of giveaways going on!!

You can win a cupcake in a jar from Bangerang Bake Shop.

You can win cupcake magnets from Pink Patrice.

You can win a cupcake candle from Candle Confections.

You can win cupcake charms from My Flat in Paris Couture.

You can win a Cuddle Me for your coffee and ice cream from Gracie Designs.

You can win Shea Whip and cupcake Soap from Milk and Cookeez.

You can win a Chunky Chip Muffin Trinket Box from Fruit Fly Pie.

For you chance to win any or all of these, visit Mammalicious Finds.

Deadline is Feb 9th.