Friday, February 20, 2009

What I Entered Today - Friday 2/20/09

Jamie's Precious Peas has a lot of great giveaways. Here are all the great ones I entered tonight:
There are more, but I'm too tired right now. I'll go back there tomorrow to finish entering all the neat things I found!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Twilight Book

I have read all the Twilight Books except for Twilight itself. I have seen that movie. At Another Day, Another Rambling I might be able to win Twilight (or you can if you are the lucky number)

Deadline is Feb 26th

Get Organized

Barefoot Mommies and Perfect Curve can help you get organized.

Deadline is March 5th

Mary Kay Giveaway

Little People Wealth is giving away a Mary Kay Timewise Miracle Set.

Deadline is Feb 24th.

Green Giveaway at Roy's Progress

Go and lend your support for a good cause and be entered to get a great St. Patrick's Day gift basket!

More details here.

Deadline is March 1st

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What I Entered Today - Wednesday

Karen Kingsbury book is being given away. Deadline Feb 23rd.

You can win an adorable child's apron (froggy pattern) here. Deadline Feb 20th.

Professional SAHM is giving away an Ergo Baby Carrier. Deadline March 3rd.

Two of a Kind Working on a Full House is giving away the cutest baby bathluve. Deadline March 9th.

You can win a Princess box for your Princess here. Deadline Feb 28th.

Cold hands? Arthritis?? Carpal Tunnel??? Go here to try to win a Warm Mouse! Deadline March 1st.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

See What I've Won!!!

Dearfoam clogs

Little Man HAD to get into the picture!!

Dearfoams in the box

A Mom's Getaway: candle, chocolate (dark chocolate - the best kind), and bubble bath!!!

A "vintage" set of handmade items: 2 gift tags, a book mark, a scented satchel, a tissue holder, my inital in pearls (and a magnet that i have on the fridge and forgot to include in this picture)

Two tarts: one is in the warmer - hazelnut coffee and the other one is buttercream.

The hazelnut melted. It smells so great!!!!!!

I have won 4 more items, but I haven't received them yet. Once I get them, I'll post those pictures, too.